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Clearing, Reclaiming, and Setting Energetic Boundaries

  • Monday, May 02, 2022
  • 8:30 PM
  • Zoom


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In conjunction with Well-Being in the Law Week during Mental Health Awareness Month, NFALA Wellness Committee is offering an experiential energetic boundaries workshop facilitated by Inabel Bee Uytiepo exclusively for our NFALA membership! Please clear your calendar and make some space in your busy schedules for some self and community care!

Clearing, Reclaiming & Setting Energetic Boundaries 

As professionals we understand that losing access to our inner power inhibits our ability to empower others. Working within the complex dynamics and arenas of power is depleting and toxic to our mental health which in turn impacts our physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing. In turn this drains and impacts our ability to be present to our colleagues, families and friends. 

We do not need to wait to begin to reclaim our inner strength. Learn methods to start clearing energetic obstacles and set clear boundaries so that you are moving forward with your gifts and personal power for the good of the collective. 

Inabel Bee Uytiepo (they/siya) is an artist, teacher, parent and wholistic health practitioner that works with professionals and academics through grief, rage, pain and fear in order to enliven their full selves with peace, power and strength in the communities we work and play in. Inabel disrupts the current narrative by transmuting toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing by co-creating and sharing divergent ways of ancestral wayfinding and somatic forgiveness. healingisgiving.com and wayfindingcollective.com follow Inabel on IG @healingisgiving

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